The Iowa Engineering Society (IES) works to promote the ethics and expertise of Iowa's licensed Professional Engineers.

Formed in 1889, the mission of the Iowa Engineering Society (IES) is to enhance the practice of Professional Engineering through education, leadership development, advocacy and ethical stewardship, while raising public awareness of the critical role Professional Engineers serve in enriching our quality of life.

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MEMBERS NOTE: See Log-In Information Below:
To login, you will FIRST need to set up a new password. Click on this link to update your Password to something you will remember. Please use the email address that IES should have on file for you. Once updated, you may enter the default Username that was sent to you by email (LastName_FirstName, example: Smith_John) and your new password information in the fields at the top of the page. After logging in for the first time, please go to "My Profile" to review and update any information in under your personal profile. Please make sure to keep your profile information is kept up to date. Please contact the IES office with questions.


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Why should you join hundreds of your colleagues as a member of IES?

IES provides numerous personal and professional benefits to our members. 
Here's a just a few reasons to belong: 
• IES opens doors to valuable personal and professional contacts
• IES works to enhance your profession’s public image
• IES gives you free career-advancing information
• IES provides continuing education and career development
• IES is the only professional engineering organization working on your behalf at the Iowa legislature and with state agencies
Please accept our invitation to enjoy the many benefits of membership in the Iowa Engineering Society.

More Information

About IES

In our more than 125-year proud history, IES is pleased to count among our members some of the leading engineer’s in Iowa’s history.

Our professional engineering members have come from all walks of life and from all areas of practice. We have had company presidents and even United States President Herbert Hoover within our ranks. All but a hand full of the Deans of Iowa’s engineering colleges have chosen to belong to this organization. For graduates of Iowa State University, you may know Anson Marston is a past president of IES. We've had congressman and state legislators as members. Other members include prominent educators, industry leaders, construction moguls and founders of some of the leading consulting engineering firms in the country who saw the benefit to belonging to their professional organization.

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