Continuing Education

In 1979, Iowa became the first state in the country to have mandatory continuing education for professional engineers and land surveyors.

It is both Iowa law and administrative rules which govern the continuing education requirements. The law is a simple one. Basically, all the law states is that there shall be mandatory continuing education for licensed professionals. The law left it up to the various licensing boards to determine through administrative rules how the law should be implemented.

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Iowa Administrative Code
Professional Development- Chapter 7



Iowas rules require 30 professional development hours (PDH) every two years in order to maintain the license to practice engineering or land surveying.

  • One PDH equals one hour of professional development activity.
  • One semester hour of university credit equals 45 PDHs.
  • One quarter hour of university credit equals 30 PDHs.
  • One CEU (continuing education unit) equals 10 PDHs.

The requirements must be satisfied during the biennium prior to registration renewal.

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