Membership Information for the Iowa Society of Engineering and how to JOIN!

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Iowa Engineering Society Member Benefits

Why should you join hundreds of your colleagues as a member of IES?

IES provides numerous personal and professional benefits to our members.
Here's a just a few reasons to belong:

• IES opens doors to valuable personal and professional contacts
• IES works to enhance your profession’s public image
• IES gives you free career-advancing information
• IES provides continuing education and career development
• IES is the only professional engineering organization working on your behalf at the Iowa legislature and with state agencies
Please accept our invitation to enjoy the many benefits of membership in the Iowa Engineering Society.

Here are some of the many benefits you receive when you join the Iowa Society of Engineering.

Registration: IES promotes registration to non-licensed engineers and works hard to enforce state registration laws.

Information: IES's eNewsletter, The Exponent keeps you up to date on professional issues.

Networking: In today's competitive environment, getting ahead often means knowing people with similar interests. Membership in IES gives you the opportunity to make valuable personal and professional contacts while meeting engineers from all disciplines and management levels. Also interact with other IES members via the Social Community options available under the member portal on this site.

Recognition: IES programs like MATHCOUNTS and National Engineers Week enhance your profession's public image.

Advocacy: Your views on the critical issues facing your profession are presented to your elected officials in the Iowa legislature and Congress.

Ethics: IES strongly supports the Iowa Engineering & Land Surveying Examining Board in upholding professional ethics for engineers. These standards of professionalism will set you apart from the crowd. Learn more about the IES Mission and Ethics.   Education: Seminars offered through local Chapters and the Annual Engineering Conference cover project management, marketing, professional liability, and many other subjects to keep your skills current.

Mentoring Program: For IES members only, this ongoing member-to-member program seeks engineers of all experience levels to be mentors and mentees. So whether you are a student, recent graduate, about to take the PE exam or have been in the industry for many years, we hope you will consider participating. Learn more about the program and register today!

MATHCOUNTS: IES's mathematics competition encourages and rewards math excellence in our state's middle and junior high schools. IES members reach hundreds of young people every year. Learn how to get involved.

UPS Savings Program: Save up to 30% on UPS shipping thanks to IES! You will not only receive substantial savings on your shipments, but UPS will also make a donation to IES. Everybody wins!  Visit (Members already enrolled in the UPS Savings Program must re-enroll to take advantage of these lower rates.)

Membership Types

Licensed P.E. - Holds a valid license as a Professional Engineer in the U.S. or Canada.

Engineer Intern Over the Age of 35 - Holds valid Engineer Intern certification in the U.S. and is 35 years of age or older.

Engineer Intern Under the Age of 35 - Holds valid Engineer Intern certification in the U.S. and is 35 years of age or less.

Student Member - Is enrolled full time in an ABET accredited engineering program, or is enrolled full time in a graduate level engineering program.

Associate Member - Has an engineering degree from a recognized curriculum and is actively pursuing an engineering career, or is engaged in postgraduate engineering study, but is neither an E.I. nor a P.E.

Affiliate Member - Does not have the education or experience to become a licensed Professional Engineer but is engaged in the practice of technical skills or professional skills allied or affiliated with the engineering profession.

Life & Retired Memberships:

Life Member: A member shall become eligible for life-member status with waiver of dues if the person has been a member above the Student grade for a period of 40 years, or if the member has retired from full-time employment and is not working more than 20 hours a week, and is at least 60 years of age and has been a member for a contiguous period of 30 years. Application for life-member status may be made personally, or by the member’s local chapter. Life Members retain all benefits of full membership.

Retired Member: A member shall become eligible for retired member status if the member has retired from full-time employment and is working no more than 20 hours per week, and is at least 60 years of age and has paid dues for the 10 consecutive years preceding application for retired member status. One-half dues shall be paid annually until life-member status requirements are met. Application for retired-member status may be made personally by any member who meets the eligibility requirements, or by the member’s local chapter. Retired Members retain all benefits of full membership.

How to Attain Life Member or Retired Member Status:  Members who qualify for Life or Retired member status must notify IES at [email protected] or by calling 515-284-7055.